Sensitive Teeth Oil Polish

Recommended for daily use.
Our unique tooth powder is excellent for your Natural & Holistic Oral care however those with more sensitive teeth and gums may notice some tenderness when using it multiple times a day.

This is why we formulated a sensitive tooth oil polish that can be used after each meal with comfort and delight.
Many folks prefer to use the tooth powder once a day and the tooth polish for the remaining brushing times, so as not to be as abrasive on the teeth and gums.
One could even use the tooth polish alone but if you do have sensitive teeth and or gums I recommend trying to use the powder at least a few times a week, for my own bleeding gums have improved tremendously with its use.

Sensitive tooth oil Polish,

+Tastes great, even kids will enjoy using this.
+Really polishes the teeth clean
+Removes tooth decay and gingivitis
+Freshens breath+Inhibits the growth of the bacteria
+comes in peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, and clove bud & orange

.......................THE ABOVE HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED by THE FDA

To use, simply wet your brush, tap off the excess water like you do with the powder and then drop 2-3 drops of the tooth oil onto your brush. Brush with the intention of massaging your gums and polishing the teeth.
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(Approximately 30 ml. or 8 dram or 1 fl oz.)

Made to order for the freshest ingredients.

TribalMama's policy is to disclose EVERY ingredient;

100% Pure Hempseed oil
That is right, hemp oil can actually help with bad breath and sensitivity in teeth and gums!

Virgin Organic Neem oil
High in EFA's (essential fatty acids) Neem is known to naturally clean and whiten teeth.  It may also reduce gum inflammation or irritation.  And may keep bacteria from forming on teeth while helping to prevent cavities and bad breath. 

Non GMO Pure Plant Based Vitamin E (natural vitamin E is reddish in color not amber)
May prevent periodontal disease. 


Certified Organic Hot Cinnamon (bark)
"Tastes like cinnamon red hots candy, the little red hearts."  Kids usually love this one. No sugar, no artificial anything! Just pure and simple, 4 ingredients!

100% pure therapeutic grade Japanese Peppermint
"This one is strong, due to the menthol content of peppermint, take caution."

100% pure therapeutic grade Wintergreen
"Another favorite with the kiddos." Our tooth oil is diluted with good healthy fats so you don't have to worry about Wintergreen oil's chemical component, methyl salicylate. It is within the "considered safe" amount but you still may wish to note, ...in case you find your toddler in the bathroom, being unusually quiet a lot more often.

Certified Organic Orange & Certified Organic Clove bud
"This one is perfect for those clove lovers."

Certified Organic Spearmint 
For those who like spearmint. 

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