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TribalMama's CBD Whipped Body Butter
Treat your skin to a little ZEN beauty!
Unscented 50MG CBD Lip Balm
UnScented 50MG CBD Lip Balm

Sensitive to scents?  You too can treat your lips to a little ZEN beauty without any added essential oils for an Unscented CBD Lip Balm!  

Formulated with 50mg of high quality RSO full spectrum CBD, this Lip Balm hydrates, regenerates and feels fantastic. 

Never worry about consuming yucky chemicals and synthetics while licking your lips, our Lip Balms are completely safe & 100% natural!

You've never tried lib balm like this before!

* Best if stored at 60-80° F

*Protect all lip balm from excess heat and direct sun.

Shorea (Sal) butter
Hempseed Oil
Shea Butter
Avocado Oil
RSO Full Spectrum CBD Oil
100% Pure Beeswax

NO Essential Oil!
TribalMama's CBD Whipped Body Butter
CBD Whipped Body Butter

Totally indulgent - CBD whipped body butter feels fantastic and is super nourishing for your skin, body, and mind!  

CBD whipped body butter is ideal for all over skin protection and available in our signature scent "sultry" and our popular "dreamy" scent. 
This whipped body butter is your 'go-to' butter for dry & chapped skin, excellent for after shower/baths & shaving, indulgent for winding down and lathering up before bed, and so much more.  We have even had folks ask if they can put it on their hair!   

Our CBD whipped body butter comes in 4 ounces and is in the 250 MG concentration.  This means each teaspoon has an approximate 10 MG of CBD.  Remember with any whipped body butter, a little goes a long way!  For more on whipped body butter click here.  Many use more product as a body butter however versus a topical cream.  This is why we chose to keep this one on the lowish side of concentrations, due to it being a BODY butter.  For more about dosing CBD please visit our blog post, CBD Dosing.

4 oz. BPA FREE Container with removable inner liner as seen in picture.
These can be repurposed! They make great seed saving containers, bead holders, D.I.Y. product jars, ect.
Please be patient as we make the switch to 100% entirely eco-friendly packaging, it has been a bit of a challenge for us.
Requests for this to come in a glass jar will be honored.


Shorea (Sal) Butter
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil infused with Vanilla Bean
Avocado Oil
Virgin Shea Nut butter
Non GMO Organic natural vitamin E
Pure Beeswax
Arrowroot Powder
250 MG full spectrum RSO CBD - 3rd party tested

Essential oils will vary depending on Scent

Treat your skin to a little ZEN beauty!
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