Rosehip Oil Night Cream

If this is the only way you pamper yourself, it's well worth it!
2 Ounces of the most luxurious, entirely plant based, Night Cream ...for a youthful, glowing face.

This superfood smoothie for your face, feeds your skin a healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals magnesium and calcium. 

We have formulated this cream to be used overnight but that is mostly because many folks don't like a heavy-ish moisturizer during the day. Hormonally speaking, I believe it to work best overnight but I myself will use it whenever my face is dry, feeling tight, or I just want a glowing, fresh face.  _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

You only need a pea sized amount for the entire face, it goes far. (See picture for an example.)
Ideal for mature or dry skin but Rosehip Oil is known to unclog pores and help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. So those with acne may also benefit.

Due to the delicate oils used, Shelf life is 3 months. 
Sunlight and heat extremes are rosehip oils' enemy.  This means steamy heated bathrooms are not a sensible place to store it. 
BPA FREE Container with removable inner liner as seen in picture.  

Preservative FREE! SO you may wish to keep it refrigerated. Of course this will make it harden, so if you do, you may wish to take it out of the fridge a few minutes prior to putting it on.
Some do not, including myself, it will be fine if you are using it and not letting it sit around but it may become more oily if left in the sun or it gets very warm. You can just stir it back to normal consistency. (I use a toothpick.)  But do try to not let it sit in the sun, we use a very high quality Virgin (cold processed) certified organic rosehip oil for optimal nourishment. We will supply the Certificate of Analysis, upon request.  

Amongst the many natural & nourishing oils in this cream, including avocado & hempseed, Bulgarian Lavender & Ylang Ylang were also chosen because they calm the skin, improve circulation, smell great, and promote hormonal balance.  

+ For best results spritz our 100% Pure Rose Water prior to putting on the night cream. The Night Cream will seal in the moisturizing, silkiness that Rose Water offers. Plus it also smells great!

Additionally please note, if this is your first time purchasing this product, select the 2 ounces.  This way product will not go to waste.  While we utilize the amazing properties of the plants creation has to offer, we also respect the time and life that goes into producing such formulas.  Since the oils' quality reduce with time, it is most efficient to begin with a small amount and see how it works for you.  Then if you love it, like we do, you can always purchase the larger, 4 ounces.
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