Aroma Facial Botanical Gift Box with Hand Crocheted Facial Scrubby & Cloth

Pamper yourself with this plant based, facial, gift box!
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This complete gift box features our Aroma Facial Botanicals "Feed Your Face" Collection. It is an all in one skin care regimen ideal for nourishing the face & neck.
We have formulated it to be easy with a pampered, nourishing and enjoyable experience.

This is the perfect gift for mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, teacher, even men - anyone savvy enough to appreciate super natural products packed with the highest quality ingredients.

100% ALL Natural & ENTIRELY plant based. NO chemicals or synthetics! NONE! Vegan.

+Organic Virgin RoseHip Oil Face Wash (30 ml or 1 fl. oz. Certificate of Analysis included with order.)
+Your choice of either 100% Pure Rose Water or 100% Pure Aloe Vera Water for toning, hydrating & softening (airless spray bottle is 30ml, or 1 fluid ounce)
+Wonder Oil Face Serum (15ml or .5 fl.oz.)
+hand crocheted face 'scrub' with cloth to use with the 'wash'
+directions for optimal usage & care (see below)
+personalized note (optional)

(ŐωŐ人) PLEASE Leave your personalization requests in the comments box at the checkout.
We can hand write a note or card, just leave the message and details here as well.

⥁Step One; Organic Virgin Bulgarian RoseHip Oil Face "Wash" (30 ml or 1 fl. oz.)
This is straight up high quality RoseHip Oil (Certificate of Analysis with Order).

⥴ To use this as a face wash:
Place 2-3 drops of oil onto the soft 'scrub' and rub in a circular motion all over your face, neck and chest. Using more as needed but remember a little goes a long way when you are dealing with oil.
Next take the soft cloth and wet it but squeeze it out so that it is only damp. PLEASE use only spring or distilled water for this. I know it sounds high maintenance but honestly we all know the chlorine, fluoride and other drugs in our tap water these days. Often times hard water and chlorine are common contributors to skin issues.
Rub the face again in a circular motion with the cloth to lift away the dirt, dead skin and or makeup.
That is it.

⥁Step Two; 100% Pure Rose Water (Athar/Hydrosol/Steam Distilled - 30 ml or 1 fl.oz.) Or 100% Pure Aloe Vera Water (Distilled Aloe Vera Leaf - 30ml or 1 fl. oz.) 
After your pores have been opened up by the soft RoseHip oil, now it is primed for some hydrating and toning!

⥴ To use simply spritz onto the entire face, neck and chest. Typically 2 spritzes per area. That is it! Easy. An aromatherapy experience, hydrating and toning all in one simple step!!! You are rocking it!

⥁Step Three; Wonder Oil (Entirely plant based, high quality oils selected specifically for facial beneficial properties. 15ml or .5 fl.oz.)

⥴ To use simply pump once and gently warm the oil in between your hands. Using a circular motion massage it onto the face. Or you can "press" in onto the face, whichever you prefer. Do this for the neck and chest as well. Just one pump should suffice for each area, perhaps even less. Remember this is NOT a water based formula so a little goes a long way!
This application is recommended before bed.
You should wake up to a glowing, dewy face, with supple skin but these statements HAVE NOT been evaluated by the FDA! If you should have any excess oil on the face in the morning this can be gently messaged in, prior to your usual morning routine.

Note these are airless spritzers and pumps.
If you should have any issues with them not producing simply keep pumping and they should work their way back into production, due to the air.
These are nice however because it seems you can get more product out of them.

Our handmade crochet items are made locally & with love by Carmen Crochet Designs

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