Whipped Body Butter

Butter UP Herbal, Super Plant Nourishment!
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Herbal Infused Whipped face & body butter is a delight for the skin!

Melts on contact with the skin, a little goes a LONG way.
Best used after bathing, while skin is still damp or after a facial toner, like our plant waters. This will seal in the hydration and leave your skin feeling fantastic!

Contains NO water, fillers, or preservatives.  As always, we use high quality ingredients (listed below) to make a super concentrated whipped butter.  100% natural, plant based goodness!
This butter may be a bit more pricey since we infuse our oils with home grown, beyond organic, skin nourishing herbs!

4 oz. BPA FREE Container with removable inner liner as seen in picture.   
These can be repurposed!  They make great seed saving containers, bead holders, D.I.Y. product jars, ect.
Please be patient as we make the switch to 100% entirely eco-friendly packaging, it has been a bit of a challenge for us.
Requests for this to come in a glass jar will be honored.   

Virgin Shea Nut Butter
Shorea Butter
Babassu Oil
Coconut Oil
Marshmallow infused Olive Oil
Borage infused Jojoba Oil
Bhringaraj infused Sesame Oil
Pure Beeswax
T50 Non GMO Organic Vitamin E

Essential oils of Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic Clary Sage, & Organic Rosemary

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