Welcome to Tribal Mama, our line of personal care products are specifically formulated to help your largest organ function properly, feel fantastic and look its' best.

TribalMama.com is committed to encouraging an abundant life.  Our practice of intentional living is spirited and health is a priority.  We wholeheartedly believe that man is wonderfully made and our appreciation for creation can be found at the core of our products.  This is why we select only the most beneficial ingredients and purposed materials for all our hand made curiosities.  Each product is one that our own tribe uses and stands firmly behind. 

Your skin is the first line of defense when it comes to health. It is the protective covering for all your other organs, shielding you from the outside world. It is also a very effective passageway to your bloodstream.
Culturally, the skin defines beauty. Soft, supple and radiant skin reflects youth and vitality.
And likewise this organ is the best detoxifier we have.  So cleansing it after it has done an awesome job, is a good and wise practice.  But what exactly are you using as your cleanser?  There is a lot more to think about than being squeaky clean.  After all, you're also feeding your body via your bloodstream and could in fact use this moment to nourish your overall well being as well as your skin.  

When one takes care of their skin, it thanks you.  Your whole body functions smoothly and breathes when your skin doesn’t have to fight to perform its natural cleansing function. Our personal care products are formulated to work with your skin ~ not against it. 

Tribal Mama's Artisan Products will enrich your body, resonate with your soul and give you peace of mind.  

  TribalMama%20has%20a%20NO%20Toxic%20PromiseCreated%20from%20above%20and%20formulated%20with%20love   Created%20from%20above%2C%20formulated%20with%20love TribalMama%20never%20tests%20on%20animals    

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TribalMama's CBD Whipped Body Butter
Treat your skin to a little ZEN beauty!
Butter UP Herbal Super Nourishment!
Butter UP Herbal, Super Plant Nourishment!
Out of Stock
Aloe Vera Water
Hydrate & Tone, nearly scent-less

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Be Ye Clean!
A most refreshing and uplifting clean.
White Soap Saver
Mushy Soap ~ Be Gone!
Ancients Path Bar Soap
Renewing your skin, one bar at a time.
Mysore Sandalwood Holisitc Natural Bar Soap
Embrace Life with the sacred attar of Mysore Sandalwood.