Wonder Oil Face Serum

Light, Non-greasy facial nourishment
Wonder Oil Face Serum
Wonder Oil is an Entirely plant based, high quality selected oils, face serum.  
It has been specifically formulated for facial beneficial properties.
15ml or .5 fl.oz.

⥴ To use simply pump once and gently warm the oil in between your hands. Using a circular motion massage it onto the face. Or you can "press" in onto the face, whichever you prefer. Do this for the neck and chest as well. Just 1 pump should suffice for each area, perhaps even less. Remember this is NOT a water based formula so a little goes a long way!
This application is recommended before bed but those with drier skin may benefit from using our heavier rosehip night cream with Shorea Nut Butter before bed and this during the day. 
You should wake up to a glowing, dewy face, with supple skin but these statements HAVE NOT been evaluated by the FDA!
If you should have any excess oil on the face in the morning & this is not desirable, it can be gently messaged in, prior to your usual morning routine.

Note these are airless pumps.
If you should have any issues with them not producing simply keep pumping and they should work their way back into production, due to the air.
These are nice however because it seems you can get more product out of them.

Organic Virgin Rosehip Oil
100% Pure Avocado Oil
100% Pure Hempseed Oil
100% Pure Carrot Seed Essential Oil
Organic Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
T-50 Natural Non GMO Vitamin E Oil

Wonder Oil comes in a complete 3 step nighttime routine (second picture) that can be found here.
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