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Hunting Rifle 550 Paracord Slings

OVER 120 FEET of Paracord & ADJUSTABLE FROM 33" TO 60"!!!!!
TribalMama.com's Hunting Rifle Adjustable Paracord Rifle Slings are a great way to carry your gun and stay prepared.

This is the ONLY rifle sling made of paracord the whole length, has the widest range of adjustability, can be single AND double point and offers 550, 650, 750, and/or 1250 POUND TEST PARACORD! It is a perfect addition to any bug-out bag.

Hand crafted in the USA, mold & mildew resistant with American made products.  They will NOT fade nor rot!
The Cobra weave is a three cord weave, you can pick 1 color 3 times, 2 colors, or all three different colors.  Other options include the use of 550 pound test paracord, 750 pound test paracord and 1250 pound test paracord.  This weave offers 2 Cords (Left & Right) about 39 feet long each and the "Center Cord" about 58 feet long.

Adjustable from 33" to 60" long
Single and Double Point or Double Point Only Option

Color Selection:
**The "Right Cord Color" and the "Left Cord Color" MUST be the same "pound test paracord"**

So you can pick:
-> 1250 cord colors for all three cords
-> 750 cord colors for all three cords
-> 550 cord colors for all three cords
-> the "Center Cord Color" as 1250, with 2 - 550 or 2 - 750 cord colors for the Left and Right Cords
-> the "Center Cord Color" as 750, with 2 - 550 or 2 - 1250 cord colors for the Left and Right Cords
-> the "Center Cord Color" as 550, with 2 - 750 or 2 - 1250 cord colors for the Left and Right Cords

**In the Tactical Survival Sling below**
The "Center Cord Color" is 550 - Camo - Dark Desert
The "Left Cord Color" is 550 - Camo - Ultimate Dark
The "Right Cord Color" is 550 - Camo - OD & Black
with a 650 (Flat/Coreless) - Camo - Brown Camo Adjustment loops running up the left and right side.

The 650 Cords are used to make loops for the sling adjustment cord to go through when setting sling length.  They can be removed and used as emergency cord and the sling will still work correctly.  And, unless you are a giant there most likely will be extra cord that you could remove paracord from the total length and still have a functioning adjustable single and double point sling!
Uses include: shelter line, tent string, tourniquet, boot laces, belt, arm sling, fishing line, snares & traps, gear repair, luggage tags, log pull and much more.

This is a practical way to carry para-cord to make sure you have the survival gear you may need!

If you have any special requests let us know and we will let you know if it is possible, and get you a quoted price!

*Please Note, not all colors are 100% accurately represented, due to lighting.  You may receive a product that is a bit darker or lighter in hue.  All TribalMama.com products are hand made so each one is unique.  No two will ever be the same.   
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