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You Pick 2 -ALL Natural & Nourishing Bar Soaps + A Hand Crocheted Soap Pouch. Great for personalizing your bathing experience!
Natural Soap Gift Box with Crocheted Soap Pouch/Cloth
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This box of hand made love comes with your choice of 2 natural & nourishing bar soaps & a hand crocheted soap pouch/cloth, great for personalizing your bathing experience. Each bar soap is made with high quality oils & butters and scented with only high quality essential oils for their many medicinal as well as aromatherapy benefits. This means they are less invasive compared to 'fragrance' scented soaps and every ingredient has a purpose.

Additionally these bars have been known to replace both shampoo and shaving cream, multi-functioning as shampoo & shave bars.

Each bar is at least 4 ounces, Vegan & formulated with care.

(ŐωŐ人) PLEASE Leave your choice of scent(s) in the comments box at the checkout.
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+Be Ye Clean, Japanese Peppermint give this bar an uplifting and invigorating quality. It's perfect for the wake me up shower or to wash away sore, tired feet. Peppermint is also refreshing for sunburnt skin and known to ease headaches.

+Fresh, Organic Bulgarian Lavender & Tea tree oil make this bar excellent for fungal issues, warmer weather or just to relax. (An excellent choice for before bedtime baths for littles.)

+Holy Healing, Frankincense and Myrrh come together for its mild yet alluring fragrance accompanied by it's medicinal treatment of wounds. This bar is also most gentle and lathering making it a good choice if you are looking for a shampoo bar.

+Ancients Path, This bar soap is most beneficial for mature skin. All oils have been carefully selected from the ancients for their many excellent beautifying properties and can be found Scripturally. ...Finally you don't have to be Royalty to bathe like one. Due to these highly venerated oils, this bar of soap's scent is earthy yet opulent and very different.

+Exotic Citron, Pink Grapefruit, Organic Lemon-grass, and vanilla bean infused sweet almond oil. We love its outstanding natural cleansing and mentally uplifting properties. Lemon Grass is known for reducing body odor and also maintaining fresh, healthy skin.

+Yansoon, Organic Fennel Essential Oil & Aniseed infused sweet almond oil give this bar its black licorice scent. We use the real aniseed so this bar can also be used to ex-foliate. Said to strengthen the nerves and bestow courage, this bar is the warrior's go to infusion.

+The Ever Bar is our UNSCENTED yet nourishing & formulated to be a bit longer lasting. This bar is great for high end hand washing stations and or one's "bug-out-bag". We like to call it, "the prepper's" survival soap.

~~~Activated Charcoal Soaps~~~

+Black Beauty is our Highly concentrated activated charcoal bar soap. Packed with nourishing oils to balance the detoxifying effects of the activated charcoal, its scent is pleasant and of its own due to Amyris, Frankincense and Benzoin essential oil, to name a few. Reported to ease dry skin, eczema, psoriasis & acne.

+Patchouli + Hempseed + Activated Charcoal, Organic Dark patchouli scented & Hempseed oil to de-stress.

+Chaya is swirled with activated charcoal & Mysore Sandalwood from it’s first pressing. This bar is highly sought out for its sandalwood which is becoming very hard to come by.

You can find all our hand poured, natural & nourishing, bar soaps under the 'Natural Bar Soap' TAB if you would like more information on each specific soap.  We disclose every ingredient, and NEVER use petrol chemicals, parabens, triclosan, sulphates, or 'fragrance'.

Our handmade crochet items are made locally & with love by Carmen Crochet Designs
You Pick 2 -ALL Natural & Nourishing Bar Soaps + A Hand Crocheted Soap Pouch. Great for personalizing your bathing experience!
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