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Exotic Citron Natural Bar Soap

Luxuriously Tropic!
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100% pure therapeutic grade Pink grapefruit essential oil is selected for this gentle mixed Skin type (oily/dry, think T-zone) Bar Soap.

We love it's outstanding Natural cleansing and mentally uplifting properties. Grapefruit Essential Oil has antimicrobial effects that eliminate harmful strains of bacteria and mold from the inside – out.  As it boosts your lymphatic system; it removes excess water (puffiness) and combats oil and acne plus encourages even skin tone.  And its wonderful aroma promotes positive feelings, mental clarity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Exotic Lemon Grass is also added to this Natural Bar Soap for it's own amazing properties. Lemon Grass is known for reducing body odor and also maintaining fresh, healthy skin.  Plus we delight in this scent as well. Lemongrass has a wonderful lemon yet orange blossom essence accompanied by its slightly grassy quality and this bar soap captures just that.  Combined with the Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, our Exotic Citron Mixed Skin Bar Soap creates a tropical getaway with a most luxurious clean.

It should be used within 6 months for optimal nourishment and also multi-purposes as a nourishing shampoo and or shave bar. 

*Please Note, All TribalMama.com products are hand crafted in small batches so each natural soap bar is unique.  No two will ever be the same.

4 ounce Bars


Saponified Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil has an abundance of fatty acids making it thee best antimicrobial agent. In addition it is made up of extreme antioxidants which block potentially harmful free radicals known to prevent disease and improve skin condition.

Saponified Palm Kernel Oil
Palm Kernel Oil is rich in vitamin K making it one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins that the body requires for boosting bone health. TribalMama.com selects Palm Kernel Oil for its' main base oil because it doesn’t oxidize under high temperatures. There for also making it ideal for extending the shelf life of a product.

Saponified Shea Butter
Shea Butter is extremely luxurious. Its' velvety texture aids in reducing inflammation as well as nourishing and moisturizing the whole body. Shea Butter is what gives TribalMama.com's personal care products their upscale quality.

Sweet Almond Oil infused with the vanilla bean
Almond oil is a mild, hypoallergenic oil that can be safely used even on baby skin. TribalMama.com uses Sweet Almond Oil in all our Cold Processed Soap as a fixative for the therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Sweet Almond Oil can be safely used on sensitive skin and is fully absorb-able.

The Vanilla Bean is infused for its' antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anticarcinogenic, antidepressant, tranquilizing and relaxing properties.  Plus it just smells great!

100% pure therapeutic grade Pink grapefruit essential oil as noted above.

100% USDA certified organic lemon-grass essential oil as noted above.

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