Salt & Silk - Salt Scrub Soap Bar

Spa Day Bar Soap
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Salt & Silk Soap Bar, is a exfoliating Salt Scrub Bar.

This Spa Day Bar Scrub is NOT intended for every day use. It was formulated for a day of pampering, as it SERIOUSLY conditions, nourishes and cleanses all in one bar. It is a real treat for your largest organ, the skin.

Washing with it is not like using a regular bar soap.
It is more like a mud mask kind of thing. The generous amount of salts will gently scrub your skin. -It feels great!  We recommend doing this in a circular motion, exfoliating all those dead skin keratinocytes. Then rinse like normal.  Don't worry if every little salt piece doesn't come off or your skin doesn't feel squeaky clean.  The salt will disappear and by the time you are dry, your skin will feel different than in the shower. Trust me, this is gonna let your skin soak in moisture and conditioning that your not use to.  This is also why it is not for every day use.  But your skin will feel awesome for the next couple days!    

It can be used for the face, hands, feet or the entire body. Please note most salt scrubs bars produce little to NO lather.
*Ours does have some lather. ...But just because there is less lather does NOT mean it is not cleansing. Your skin will be left feeling silky, soft and cleansed.

By now you should be getting that Salt Bars are NOT drying to the skin. Instead they remove dead skin and allow it to absorb more moisture while bathing or showering. And since our bars are cold processed they have an incredible amount of natural glycerin. Additionally we have packed this Bar full of conditioning nourishment!

Made with luxurious Virgin Shea Nut Butter, Sal (Shorea) Nut Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Coconut Oil, Greek Yogurt (NOT "vegan", however any milk farmer knows, they want to be milked and they are not harmed), Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Hawaiian (Hiwa Kai) Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt & Volcanic Rock. It is sure to be like no other Bar Soap you've used before.

Scented with uplifting Organic Orange Essential Oil, Benzoin, a touch of Organic Bulgarian Lavender & Egyptian Geranium.

Large, 5+ oz. sized Bar

*TIP* ~~~~~~~Since it is not for everyday use, some folks cut the bars into fours and re-wrap the other 3 before bringing the one into the shower to extend the usage time of the others. This is to insure the entire bar does not get wet (during the showers it is not used) and makes for a cleaner use the next time around. Just note they can be a bit difficult to cut, due to all the salts. Cutting them on parchment paper is ideal for easy cleanup and they can be re-wrapped in regular cling wrap.

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