Moisturizing Lotion Bars & More

TribalMama.com's Moisturizing Lotion Bars are hand crafted in small batches with select nourishing ingredients.

Our goal is to help your largest organ (your skin) function properly, feel fantastic and look its' best.
Our Moisture Bars do a lot more than keep your hands soft and hydrated. They have excellent healing properties for open cuts and cracked skin.

*Note, TribalMama.com's Moisturizing Lotion Bars do tend to absorb a bit slower than store bought lotion. This is partly due to having NO chemicals in our Lotion Bar which are often added to other lotions to help bring the moisture inside your body out. Our Moisturizing Lotion Bars are intended to put healthy oils and butters into your skin; aiding your lymphatic system to work properly, creating naturally healthy and glowing skin.Some of our clients who do not like lotions that do not absorb quickly into their skin, leaving it feel greasy have said that although our Lotion Bar doesn't absorb immediately they like how it makes their skin feel so soft and it doesn't feel greasy or bother them like other lotions.