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Heavenly Magnesium Cream

Get your Calm on!
This magnesium cream was originally formulated to help my children unwind and clam down at bedtime. 
The little ones love to put in on before bed and when I apply it to the baby you can see instant results. 
I, the Mama, like it too.

Its' scent is from Organic Bulgarian Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils for their peaceful, anti-depressive, and tranquil aromatherapy, hence the name heavenly.   

2-3 teaspoons per adult and 1/2 a teaspoon per child is recommended.

We like to rub it into our feet. 

We have 2 oz. and 4 oz. jars, BPA FREE Container with removable inner liner as seen in picture.

Preservative FREE! SO you may wish to keep it refrigerated. Of course this will make it hard, so if you do, you may wish to take it out of the fridge a few minutes prior to putting it on.
Some do not store it in the fridge, including myself, it will be fine if you are using it and not letting it sit around but it may become 'weepy' and or liquefy if left in the sun or it gets very warm. You can just stir it back to normal consistency. (I use a toothpick.)  And place it in the fridge a few minutes to harden back up. 

Due to the natural state of this product; 100% FREE of over 400 man made synthetic chemicals it has ashelf life of 2 months. If it becomes funky, discard.


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