CBD Unscented Bar Soap

No Essential Oils!
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For all those with sensitive skin we made this Full Spectrum CBD Bar Soap just for you!

No additives, including essential oils.

This bar soap is certainly not pretty. It was formulated basically for the properties of a soap rich in CBD. With 250mg per bar and added after the saponification process (which is why its so funky) it is sure to be a gift to your skin. CBD has been proven to be an effective skin restorer & this bar soap compliments any CBD users regimen.


Saponified Coconut Oil has an abundance of fatty acids making it thee best antimicrobial agent. In addition it is made up of extreme antioxidants which block potentially harmful free radicals known to prevent disease and improve skin condition.

Saponified Palm Kernel Oil
is rich in vitamin K making it one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins that the body requires for boosting bone health. TribalMama.com selects Palm Kernel Oil for its' main base oil because it doesn’t oxidize under high temperatures. There for also making it ideal for extending the shelf life of a product.

Saponified Virgin Shea Butter This butter is so luxurious and we have now found an even better source for it. The quality can be compared to no other. Its' velvety texture aids in reducing inflammation as well as nourishing and moisturizing the whole body. Shea Butter is what gives TribalMama.com's personal care products their upscale quality.

RSO Full Spectrum CBD for inflammation, itching and burning, bug bites, infections, scrapes and wounds. 3rd party test analysis found here.

All Natural, Organic, Non GMO T-50 vitamin E used to target excessive dryness, hydrates and moisturizes while acting as a natural preservative. Vitamin E is a must for its role as an antioxidant within the body. Vitamin E helps to prevent free radical damage to specific fats in the body that are critical for your health. It is such an important vitamin, for the proper function of your many organs and it is extremely useful in naturally slowing the aging process.

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