About Us

Our Tribe, The Brodites

We are family owned and operated. This will never change.

Some interesting facts about us;

  1. We like each other, really. 
  2. We learn together.
  3. We have a passion for health.
  4. We enjoy creating and/or fixing.
  5. We play together.
  6. We talk in Bible language (Truth, not babelite languages), movie language, and song language, quoting lines from them all or any other parable needed, like a lot!
After years of learning and then un-learning, we then re-learn.  Truth comes from within and so should health.  It is written that we have been given every herb bearing seed upon the earth and he that is wise shall not abhor them.  The fruit shall be for meat and the leaf for medicine.  TribalMama.com was birthed from harnessing the blessings already bestowed upon us.  

To learn even more about us visit www.SmokeSignalsBlog.com

Be Free, Live Clean, and Thrive!